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Do it with Passion or not at all

حلمنا زرع وتنسيق حديقة اللغة العربية للأطفال لتكون ملاذا آمنا ممتعا لهم لحب لغتنا الأم والحفاظ عليها والتفاخر بها أينما كانوا...

شغفنا زرع هويتنا العربية بأسلوب لطيف غير تقليدي يرغبهم بالبقاء والاستمتاع بحديقتنا العربية ويحثهم فيما بعد لتعلم آدابها وقواعدها  

 سارة جميل قهوجي

المدير العام ومعلمة لغة عربية للأطفال

Our dream is to plant the love of the Arabic language into our kid's hearts.

"Learning Arabic is like discovering a treasure"


Your kids will learn Arabic using entertaining and non-traditional methods. We, through our partnership, will pave the road for them to understand, read, write, and express themselves in ways that are age-appropriate.


Our Programs

Arabic Park teaches Arabic throughout these learning methods: 

  • Painting, coloring, and crafting

  • Playdoh and playing blocks

  • Reading and listening to stories

  • Acting and communicating

  • Outdoor fun

  • Special events



5 Essential approaches for Beginners

1.    We motivate our kids

2.  The language is practiced with other kids

3.   Kids reviewing their work is highly encouraged

4.    Learning is relevant to the child

5.    Having fun while learning is important to us

Contact Us

Location 1: 635 Main St E, Milton

Location 2: 1041 North Service Road East, Oakville

905 299 3214

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