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Welcome to the Arabic Park Language Center using the best Arabic Language teaching and learning approach where planting the love of the Arabic language in our kids’ hearts is our main goal.

The Full Story

Do it with Passion or not do it at all

حلم صغير يحتضنه شغف كبير وحب نابع من عاطفة وإصرار لمشروع يبدأ صغيرا من منزل دافئ بسيط إلى مركز يضج بأصوات وضحكات الأطفال


حلمي زرع وتنسيق حديقة اللغة العربية للأطفال لتكون ملاذا آمنا ممتعا لهم لحب لغتنا الأم والحفاظ عليها والتفاخر بها أينما كانوا...


شغفي زرع هويتنا العربية بأسلوب لطيف غير تقليدي يرغبهم بالبقاء والاستمتاع بحديقتنا العربية ويحثهم فيما بعد لتعلم آدابها وقواعدها  



 سارة جميل قهوجي

المدير العام ومعلمة لغة عربية للأطفال

It is a tiny dream bosomed by a great passion and love springing out of feeling and insistence on a project that starts as a cozy simple home into a center full of children's voices and laughter.
My dream is planting and arranging children's Arabic Language Garden to be their interesting and safe shelter where they love our mother language, preserve it, and boast about it wherever they are.

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Your kids will learn Arabic using entertaining and non-traditional methods.

We, through our partnership will pave the road for them to understand, read, write and express themselves in ways that are age appropriate.


Our programs introduce the classical Arabic through various activities. Some of the activities are:


Painting, colouring and crafting

Playing with dough, blocks and Lego

Reading and listening to stories

Acting and Conversing

Partaking in outdoor activities


Arabic Park Language Center News

Arabic Park Language Center Instructor Spotlight

  1. Professional

  2. Competent

  3. Resilient

  4. Patient

  5. Motivational

  6. Tailoring personalized learning 

  7. Passionate and generates passion

  8. Ability to connect and earn the kids trust

  9. Mistakes? not really. It’s learning in progress

  10. Attention to the learner's development stages

  11. Exploring different teaching methods

  12. Meaningful feedback to students to understand and own their language journey

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Hand Washing

Children wash their hands upon entering the classroom and before leaving.

Social Distancing

Classroom will be limited to 5 kids only


Enhanced cleaning, sanitization and disinfection procedures of frequently touched surfaces (e.g., doorknobs, light switches, table counters and toys amongst others) will be applied before and after each class.


For safety reasons, kids are required to bring their own labeled water bottle

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5 Essential approaches for Beginners

1.    We motivate our kids

2.    We genuinely practice language with other kids and with the teacher

3.    We encourage kids to review and own their work

4.    We keep learning relevant to the kid

5.    We have fun while learning

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Milton, Ontario, Canada

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